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“I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones” - John Cage

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UltraSAFE Automated Formalin Dispensing System for Biospecimens by Milestone Medical

Eliminate exposure to carcinogenic formalin, standardize fixative dispensing, and document the process with the UltraSAFE Automated Formalin Dispensing System. Its innovative technology enables OR personnel to handle histology specimens without exposing themselves to dangerous formalin fumes. With a user-friendly touch screen and built-in barcode reader, standardization and documentation are effortless. Create a safer workplace and standardized results with UltraSAFE.

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UltraSAFE Automated Formalin Dispensing System

MAGNUS Lean High-Throughput Tissue Processor by Milestone Medical

MAGNUS is the xylene-free rapid tissue processor that provides an unmatched degree of workflow flexibility while enabling same-day diagnosis. Urgent and small biopsies can be processed on demand thanks to its double retorts and automatic arm configuration. The MAGNUS rapid tissue processor eliminates toxic reagents like xylene and clearing solvents using only 100% alcohol, thereby reducing disposal expenses and reagent costs and extending the life of the paraffin.

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