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HistosMate Rental


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Features & Benefits


No Capital Budget Required
-Only pay for reagents (Must purchase a minimum of one case of MileGREEN per month).
Reduce Tissue Processor Downtime
-HistosMATE Eliminates the risk of wax clogs which are the number one source of downtime for tissue processors.
Rapid Cleaning
-Clean your racks, molds and forceps in less than 10 minutes.
Convenience & Efficiency
-Milestone’s HistosMATE is a plug-and-play instrument. Simply add in racks, accessories and molds that require
cleaning and let the HistosMATE do the rest.
Improved Safety for Lab Personnel
-HistosMATE is Xylene free! Milestone’s proprietary MileGREEN Solution is safer for lab personnel.
Increased Productivity of Tissue Processors
-HistosMATE allows your tissue processors to do what they were meant to to do: process tissues!

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