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LOGOS ONE by Milestone


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Features & Benefits

-First "All in One" Rapid Tissue Processor

-Ideal for the "Lean Lab"

-Advanced processing retort heating system allows rapid protocols

-Very adaptable to customized workflow streams

-Urgent and small biopsies can be processed on demand throughout the day

-Full automated processing in overnight and rapid mode

-Allows processing of any type of tissue up to 6 mm thickness


The LOGOS ONE by Milestone is the first “All in One” Rapid Tissue Processor. Designed to meet the needs of the “lean” lab, this tissue processor offers rapid, fully automated processing in overnight and rapid mode. The resistive heating elements ensure fast and homogeneous temperature increase of the reagents to the pre-set processing values. Diffusion of the reagent is guaranteed by a highly efficient magnetic stirrer bar at the bottom of the retort. Green, safe and economical, The LOGOS ONE is the #1 choice for your laboratory. Contact your Choice Medical Representative today for additional information and an on-site demonstration.

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