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MacroPath pro X- Digital Imaging for specimen grossing-by Milestone Medical


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Features & Benefits

1. State-of-the-art digital camera with 16 MPixels resolution (Image size: 4608×3456 px) Lens 10x. Autofocus, Auto-light adjusting, Auto WB. Built-in LED illumination and USB extender.

2. Point-of-care control terminal, 17” touch screen

3. Waterproof IP68 keyboard

4. Foot control module (ZOOM IN/OUT, SAVE, RECORD)


The new MacroPath pro-x is a user-friendly, high-resolution image capture system that can either be mounted to fit any existing grossing workstation or used as a shared stand-alone resource. Selected high-resolution images can be used to supplement synoptic or preformatted reports that provide essential data of clinical relevance. The stored images form a powerful database for QA, teaching and research.
Connection to remote transmission facilities allows teleconferencing and telepathology consultations.

Quality is assured and images are optimized. The software is user friendly and icon-driven for very easy operations. In addition to stand-alone operations, MacroPATH pro-x can interface with a PACS or LIS through a coded solution or TWAIN mode.

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