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  • MacroPath pro X- Digital Imaging for specimen grossing

    MacroPath pro X- Digital Imaging for specimen grossing

    The new MacroPath pro-x is a user-friendly, high-resolution image capture system that can either be mounted to fit any existing grossing workstation or used as a shared stand-alone resource. Selected high-resolution images can be used to supplement synoptic or preformatted reports that provide essential data of clinical relevance. The stored images...
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  • Cytology Slide Reader

    Cytology Slide Reader

    Hands free solution for cytopathogist and cytologist to identify and open cases in the LIS. Elminates typing in case number and reduces human error.
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  • MacroPATH D – Digital Imaging for specimen grossing

    MacroPATH D – Digital Imaging for specimen grossing

    MacroPATH D allows the user quickly and easily photograph gross specimens, add annotation to the image, store the image in the LIS or as a client on the server for later recall by the pathologist during diagnosis. Furthermore these gross images can also be driven into final reports for clinicians. Truly amazing system that eliminates hand drawings,...
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That is the motto we live by at Choice Medical Industries, LLC. We strongly believe that we work for the customer and are happy to go the extra mile….or two to meet your needs. If we do not have¬†the anatomic pathology, autopsy, morgue or clinical lab¬†product or solution for your problem we will research options and help you any way possible.

Choice Medical is very proud to partner with the industries best manufacturers such at Mopec, Milestone, Motic, Medite, PathSUPPLY, Primera, So-Low, Globe Scientific and more. We continually look for the newest technology and/or more cost effective products. Give us a call, tell us your needs and we will get to work for you immediately.

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