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Reagent Spouts by PathSUPPLY (6/bag)

Tighten these reagent spouts by PathSUPPLY onto any standard 1 gallon reagent bottle and make pouring safe and easy. The vent straw allows the air to flow freely, eliminating the possibility of accidental splashing. Each spout has a cap that can be used for short-term, temporary storage. These spouts also fit on the Richard Allen branded pint-sized stain bottles. The only bottles we have found they do not work with is the long neck Thermo branded reagents, as the threads are different. Buy a pack today from PathSUPPLY!

reagent spout by PathSUPPLY


PathSELECT Premium H&E Staining System

The PathSELECT Premium Staining System utilizes the most current technology to provide the highest degree of clarity, conciseness and reproducibility of any staining system on the current market. Two different hematoxylins and two different eosins give the lab a vast range of intensity to meet any pathologists desires. The bluing reagent and differentiation solution are chemically designed to provide the best results for staining. Simply change out if you are using the SelecTech staining system from Leica. Contact us at PathSUPPLY to discuss which stains to use and time reductions on bluing and differentiation.


Milestone MileONE and MileTWO

Milestone has designed and approved MileONE & MileTWO. These are solvents to grant consistent processing of normal fat content tissues with no compromise for high-fat content tissues like breast, brain, fatty colon and skin.

They perform respectively dehydration and clearing steps, maximizing the performance of Milestone tissue processors. Inquiry now for more info and level up the quality standards of your laboratory getting rid of:

  • Xylene
  • Aromatic compound
  • Limonene
  • Acetone