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Feather Microtome Blades – Low Profile

These Accu-Edge blades by Feather come in boxes of 50 blades. Feather Microtome Blades are offered in high profile and low profile blades. Available in boxes of 50 blades and provided by PathSUPPLY.

Feather Microtome Blades Low Profile


Rapid Freeze Spray

Rapid Freeze – Tissue freezing spray, 10 oz. can, 12 Ea/cs – provided by PathSUPPLY


Slide Holders provided by PathSUPPLY – 40 or 90 capacity

40 or 90 capacity slide holders made of high-density polyethylene are provided by PathSUPPLY. These sliders are an economical way to dry slides while draining excess fluids. Each unit has 13 channels that are 1/8″ x 5/8″ deep. The angle of the slots accommodate for clear viewing of each slide. Beveled edges make it easy to place and remove the slides. Slide holders come with surface-gripping rubber feet.

plastic slide holder