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IPC Blue Ultra (Toluidine Blue Biopsy Marking Dye) 10x concentration, 1oz/30ml bottle (Dropper)

-10X formula than IPC Blue for very stubborn tissue or darker color preferences.

-Can be applied at grossing or placed in the formalin on the tissue processor to make specimens a dark blue color that stands out against white biopsy bags, wraps or white sponges.

-Weak molecular bonds ensure that all of the IPC Blue Ultra washes out in the hematoxylin during staining so it does not impact your H&E, IHC or other staining results.

Feather Microtome Blades – Low Profile

These Accu-Edge blades by Feather come in boxes of 50 blades. Feather Microtome Blades are offered in high profile and low profile blades. Available in boxes of 50 blades and provided by PathSUPPLY.

Feather Microtome Blades Low Profile


Rapid Freeze Spray

Rapid Freeze – Tissue freezing spray, 10 oz. can, 12 Ea/cs – provided by PathSUPPLY