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RoseSTATION All-In-One Mobile Workstation for Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) by Milestone

Improve diagnostic response time with the RoseSTATION all-in-one mobile Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) workstation. Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) is provided by the cytopathology laboratory for patients (and their physicians) in the midst of a procedure. The RoseSTATION mobile workstation allows performing clinicians to receive faster on-site results, enabling them to guide and direct the biopsy and procedure in real-time.

With RoseSTATION, high-quality images from FNA biopsy are returned promptly, reducing wait time during procedures and ultimately shortening the procedure’s duration. The mobile unit is kept stocked and ready to go so that when the call for ROSE comes in, it can be quickly deployed to the point of care.

For more information including a demo video, visit Milestone Medical.

Filters for Leica Instruments, by PathSUPPLY Inc.

A/C Filters by PathSUPPLY Inc. are excellent alternative activated charcoal filters for use on Leica instruments. These  filters are not refurbished or Leica branded and offer great quality at a significant savings for your laboratory. Contact your Choice Medical Representative today for additional information and an on-site demonstration.

ProAir 2400 Bench Top Fume Hood Series

The ProAir 2400 series of fume hoods offers low cost, custom sized solutions for protecting laboratory personnel from harmful fumes.