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Reagent Spouts by PathSUPPLY (6/bag)

Tighten these reagent spouts by PathSUPPLY onto any standard 1 gallon reagent bottle and make pouring safe and easy. The vent straw allows the air to flow freely, eliminating the possibility of accidental splashing. Each spout has a cap that can be used for short-term, temporary storage. These spouts also fit on the Richard Allen branded pint-sized stain bottles. The only bottles we have found they do not work with is the long neck Thermo branded reagents, as the threads are different. Buy a pack today from PathSUPPLY!

reagent spout by PathSUPPLY


Advantage Surgical Sponges – Gauze

Advantage Surgical Sponges – 100% Woven Cotton Gauze (non-sterile) 8 Ply Economy, 4″x 4″, 200/Cs (4m). Offered by PathSUPPLY.


Motic EasyScan Pro

The MoticEasyScan Pro is the perfect gateway product for any lab, startup, or medical organization joining the digital revolution in pathology. Simple and easy to use, this scanner system offers 1-slide and 6-slide capacity options. It scans and uploads high-quality digital slides to your slide management server, all at a single click. With its small footprint, high resolution power, and hassle-free setup, this multipurpose scanner is the ideal tool for any application that requires glass slide digitization.

MoticEasyScan scanners use a specially designed high-NA Plan Apochromatic objective (20X/0.75) to maximize color fidelity and resolution power. Combined with a large 2/3″ CCD sensor, the MoticEasyScan is able to image large fields of view in a split second, while delivering image detail equivalent to a high power 40X lens.