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Feather Microtome Blades – Low Profile

These Accu-Edge blades by Feather come in boxes of 50 blades. Feather Microtome Blades are offered in high profile and low profile blades. Available in boxes of 50 blades and provided by PathSUPPLY.

Feather Microtome Blades Low Profile


FineFIX Module

The high quality of Milestone frozen sections can only be achieved by freezing the specimens with PrestoCHILL and by processing the slides with FineFIX prior to staining.

  • The FineFIX Module consists of a heated metal vessel in which the FineFIX solution is kept within at 40°C.
  • Frozen section slides are immersed in the solution for 15-60 seconds to simultaneously carry out the specimen’s fixation, dehydration and lipids extraction.
  • Following this pre-step, the specimens are stained in agreement with the user’s standard protocols.

Milestone FineFIX Module

Milestone Presto PRO

Miletsone’s Presto PRO is an cutting-edge benchtop processor/stainer for high-quality frozen sections. It boasts a standardized approach to processing the slide with FineFIX, a patented Milestone solution followed by fully automated staining protocols.

Now it is possible to produce frozen sections with a permanent-like quality by combining the artifact-free freezing of tissues of the PrestoCHILL unit with the exceptional features of the all-new PRESTO PRO processing/staining unit.


Milestone Presto PRO