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HistosMate Rental

No Capital Budget Required
-Only pay for reagents (Must purchase a minimum of one case of MileGREEN per month).
Reduce Tissue Processor Downtime
-HistosMATE Eliminates the risk of wax clogs which are the number one source of downtime for tissue processors.
Rapid Cleaning
-Clean your racks, molds and forceps in less than 10 minutes.
Convenience & Efficiency
-Milestone’s HistosMATE is a plug-and-play instrument. Simply add in racks, accessories and molds that require
cleaning and let the HistosMATE do the rest.
Improved Safety for Lab Personnel
-HistosMATE is Xylene free! Milestone’s proprietary MileGREEN Solution is safer for lab personnel.
Increased Productivity of Tissue Processors
-HistosMATE allows your tissue processors to do what they were meant to to do: process tissues!


Automatic Cleaning/Wax Module

The efficient, rapid and safe cleaning for wax contaminated racks, molds and forceps

    Quick cleaning of forceps, molds and racks.
  • SAFE
    No harmful low evaporation rate reagents used. On-board active ventilation connects to lab exhaust line or to a vented cabinet.
    All parameters are preset. Operators notified when cleaning solution needs to be changed.
    Non stop operations. No maintenance needed. No waiting time before use.
    HistosMATE can be placed anywhere in the lab due to its compact footprint.

HistoDream M

The new semi-automated microtome from Milestone is a reliable, high-quality unit with a smooth ergonomic handwheel perfectly balanced with an innovative counterweight system. The counterweight system can be locked in any angular position to help minimize operator fatigue.

Blade holder system with finger guard. Safe insertion and extraction of the blades due to a dedicated magnetic tool.
Safe, smooth-running hand wheel with manual lock in every position designed to minimize the user fatigue.
User Friendly
Wide 7” touchscreen: all the necessary functions readily accessible.
Easy and intuitive selection of cutting parameters: cutting mode, section and trimming thickness, coarse feed speed, remaining travel, section counter, section sum.
Memory Function
To save and retrieve specific cutting settings.
Retraction Function
To help extend the blade’s life.
Ease of Cleaning
High capacity waste tray allows technicians to work longer, without the need for continuous emptying.
Antistatic Coating
To reduce contamination and reduce cleaning time.
Rapid Specimen Exchange
Specimen orienting head allows orientation in x/y direction and also z-direction (360° rotation). Zero Point Reference indication.

This new microtome was developed based on a highly trusted European engineering platform with the end user in mind focusing on ergonomics and safety. Give it a try today for an amazing experience!