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PrestoCHILL by Milestone

The PrestoChill by Milestone represents a “state of the art” laboratory solution for cryoembedding to achieve high-quality frozen sections. The speed and simplicity of the PrestoCHILL operations have revolutionized the rapid freezing process while maintaining “true to life” microscopic appearance of tissues. Freezing time is reduced to 60 seconds, thus preventing the formation of ice crystals. The PrestoCHILL is ideal for Mohs laboratory applications tasked with embedding tissues that are extremely delicate due to their consistence and tissue structure. Contact your Choice Medical Representative today for additional information and an on-site demonstration.

PRESTOCHILL by Milestone Medical

The PrestoCHILL by Milestone Medical is a revolutionary frozen section preparation device that will improve your turnaround time while greatly improving the quality of frozen sections. This is an all dry system that does not require the use of CO2, nitrogen or isopentane. Freezing occurs at -40C from BOTH the top and bottom, this significantly reduces freezing artifact and does not cause the cracking or fracturing common with colder methods. Furthermore, the patented specimen down approach ensures multiple specimens on one chuck are all at same plane.

Contact your Choice Medical Representative today for additional information and to arrange an onsite demonstration. Learn more by watching this video:

Snap Freezing Bath for Frozen Sections

Increase frozen section throughput and reduce frozen section artifact by snap freezing your tissue with this snap freezing bath. Small foot print allows placement close to cryostat. The bath is available in three configuration, ranging from full temperature control down to -80C to a preset -55C bath. Contact CMI to learn more and receive a quote.