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BoneSTATION by Milestone Medical

The BoneSTATION is an advanced system for fixation and decalification of bone tissue. This new and innovative workstation provides complete control and documentation of the all important pre-analytical step of decalcification. Compatible with any decalcification solution the continuous stirring action and heat setting enables the laboratory to utilize molecular decalcifiers such as EDTA at greatly increased speeds. The touch screen terminal and user friendly software makes utilizing the BoneSTATION simple and fast. Contact your Choice Medical representative today for additional information and a demonstration.

KOS – Rapid Tissue Processor by Milestone Medical

This little guy does so much and is a great addition for very large or very small laboratories. The KOS is a multifunctional instrument that aids any lab in numerous processes. Capabilities include: Rapid tissue processing, rapid bone decalcification, rapid special staining, rapid fixation, gross hardening of tissue, time/temperature controls (IHC) and available in an EM version.  Contact us today to learn more.

Watch this video for a demonstration: