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Mopec JD 5000

Mopec’s Five Tier Roller Ball Lift provides a sturdy, safe, and user-friendly platform for transporting cadavers in morgue, hospital and research center settings. Features a rugged and powerful frame with an adjustable roller ball top that allows access from any side. Using an integrated hydraulic lift system, this lift outperforms any cadaver lift in the industry. Featuring caster wheels for enhanced maneuverability and a handle that can be placed on two sides of the lift. A digital scale is integrated into the control console to continuously display the weight value in pounds or kilograms. This allows for smooth and consistent weight measurement directly from the lift system.

Mopec JD5000


  • Powder-coated steel
  • Single scissor operation
  • Fixed front handle, along with removable side handle for steering
  • Four swivel casters with steering functionality in two


  • 95.2” L x 29.2” – 33.2” W (width determined by tray size)
  • Approx. 700 lbs


  • Suitable for most five tier racks
  • Range of 13.3” – 76.7”


  • Hydraulic operation
  • Weight capacity-800 lbs.
  • End and side access
  • Adjustable roller ball top


  • 12 VDC sealed deep cycle batteries
  • Single cord charger equipped with status indicator (110/220 V)


  • Handle control console
  • Emergency OFF switch with key lockout
  • Digital scale integrated in console


  • Adjustable for 23” – 30” trays
  • Drain plug compatible
  • Works with most mortuary tray carriers & carts
  • Works with most five tier storage racks


JA620 Covered Cadaver Transfer & Transport System by Mopec

The  ergonomically designed JA620 by Mopec offers increased safety, efficiency and stability for transporting heavier cadavers while reducing back strain. It’s powerful pedal activated hydraulic system allows tray to be easily and quickly elevated to the bed height. The Total Lock wheel locking system makes it easy to securely lock wheels in place for cadaver transfer. One wheel can be locked in parallel alignment to allow easy steering through halls and on elevators. A fifth wheel has been added for stability and pivoting. Contact your Choice Medical Representative today for additional information and an on-site demonstration.

Autopsy Cart – Bariatric DC 400 by Mopec

The Autopsy Cart Bariatric DC 400 by Mopec can be used with a wall mounted autopsy sink or as a simple viewing stretcher. The cart is functionally designed with heavy gauge wall tubing, reinforced frame and oversized non-removable top that includes a drain. Contact your Choice Medical Representative today for additional information and an on-site demonstration.