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Biopsy Cassettes with Attached Lids – 1000/case

These biopsy cassettes by PathSUPPLY are a one-piece design with lids attached via a delicate hinge. The tissue cassettes come in cases of 1000 loose cassettes, which are good for most cassette printers or writing on the cassette. Available in 5 colors, White, Green, Blue, Pink & Yellow. Provided by PathSUPPLY. 

Biopsy Cassette by PathSUPPLY


Reagent Spouts by PathSUPPLY (6/bag)

Tighten these reagent spouts by PathSUPPLY onto any standard 1 gallon reagent bottle and make pouring safe and easy. The vent straw allows the air to flow freely, eliminating the possibility of accidental splashing. Each spout has a cap that can be used for short-term, temporary storage. These spouts also fit on the Richard Allen branded pint-sized stain bottles. The only bottles we have found they do not work with is the long neck Thermo branded reagents, as the threads are different. Buy a pack today from PathSUPPLY!

reagent spout by PathSUPPLY


20 Capacity Slide Folders by PathSUPPLY

This slide folder by PathSUPPLY has a 20 capacity limit. The front folding flaps have 20 numbered spaces to index each slide accordingly.  Slide folder is made from 10 mm Chipboard. 10 folders per box.