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Client Supply & Specimen Management Tool

Overnight shipping kits to clients that ran out is expensive and loses business. This unique software enables managers to pro-actively manage client supply levels and reduce overall expenses for the laboratory. Furthermore, this software system begins specimen tracking at the client level, which enables the laboratory to see inbound shipments and adjust staffing as needed. This system is so robust and contains a plethora of business savvy tools you have to see it for yourself. Contact your CMI rep to learn more or schedule a private Webinar.

Courier Management System

Smooth, efficient, and effective communication between the laboratory and the client starts with courier management. This revolutionary software will also laboratory pers0nnel to see all inbound specimens, schedule delivery of supplies to clients, and reroute couriers at a moments notice to better service the client. Real time information coupled with powerful summaries and reports makes this software a must for any laboratory utilizing couriers. Contact your CMI sales representative for additional information or to schedule your private Webinar to learn more.

Cytology Slide Reader

New, easy to use technology allows cytopathologist and cytotechnologist to quickly scan a slide prepared on the Thin Prep 3000 to access patient case information. Eliminates manual entry, thereby improving efficiency and patient safety. Contact your CMI sales rep today to learn more and to arrange a quick on-site demonstration.