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Archive for the ‘2D and 3D Rockers’ Category:

Everlast™ 247 Rocker-by Path Supply

This rocker can be used in incubators or cold rooms. The Everlast™ 247 Rocker is built with stainless steel to prevent rusting or corrosion. It comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Everlast™ with Flat Mat, Item# BR5000
  • Stacking platform with flat mat with 3.5″ clearance Item# BR5000-STACK


BenchWaver™ 3D Rocker- by Path Supply

The BenchWaver™ combines the rocking motion of platform rockers with the circular motion orbital shakers. This combination generates the optimum 3-dimensional “undulating” motion preferred for molecular biology applications.  Comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Optional Stacking Platform with Flat Mat (4.5” clearance) B3D5000-STK
  • Optional dimpled mat for use with a variety of tubes B3D5000-DIMP
  • BenchWaver™ 3D Rocker with flat mat, 13.5×13″ platform, Item# B3D5000

Mini BlotBoy™ and BlotBoy™- by Path Supply

These platform rockers provide 3-dimensional motion for all blot related applications. Their tilt angle and speed have been set for gentle, but thorough mixing in gel trays, boxes and other flat vessels. Both come with a 2 year warranty.

  • Mini BlotBoy™ 3D Rocker, fixed speed, small 10″x7.5″ platform with flat mat, Item# B3D1008
  • Stacking platform, small 10.5″x7.5″ with flat mat (3.0″separation) Item# B3D-Stack
  • Dimpled Mat, small 10.5″ x 7.5″ Item# B3D-Dimpled
  • BlotBoy™ 3D Rocker, fixed speed, 12″x12″ platform with flat mat, Item# B3D1308
  • Stacking platform, large 12″x12″ with flat mat (3.0″ separation) Item# BR1000-STACK
  • Dimpled Mat, large 12″ x 12″ Item# BR1000-DIMPLED
  • LaBungee™ 4 cord bungee cord pack 7″ to 18″ working size Item# B0718