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BenchWaver™ 3D Rocker- by Path Supply


Size: 13"x13"x9.75"
Weight: 12lbs.
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Features & Benefits

-The tilt angle adjusts from 0 to 10° and mixing speed adjusts from 5 to 105 rpm by using the LCD control panel (no tools or disassembly required).

-The control of both parameters (tilt and speed) provides anything from gentle, slow moving waves to a rapid, more vigorous motion.

-Operators can also program the time of mixing from 1 minute up to 99 hours.

-The 13.5" x 13" platform has a non-slip, rubber mat.

-An optional stacking platform can be purchased separately.


The BenchWaver™ combines the rocking motion of platform rockers with the circular motion orbital shakers. This combination generates the optimum 3-dimensional “undulating” motion preferred for molecular biology applications.  Comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Optional Stacking Platform with Flat Mat (4.5” clearance) B3D5000-STK
  • Optional dimpled mat for use with a variety of tubes B3D5000-DIMP
  • BenchWaver™ 3D Rocker with flat mat, 13.5×13″ platform, Item# B3D5000

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