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Micro Bead Sterilizer by Path Supply


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Features & Benefits

-The Micro Bead Sterilizer does not use gas, flame or chemicals and is safe for use in hoods.

-Temperatures can be viewed on the large LED control panel and adjusted with the control knob.

-With adjustable temperature, the application range of the sterilizer can also be expanded into incubations and the decontamination of plastic objects/tools.

-2 year warranty This product is designed for RESEARCH USE ONLY.

-Not intended for clinical use.


Benchmark’s Micro Bead Sterilizer uses glass beads heated to 300°C to eliminate bacteria, spores and other microorganisms from small research tools (forceps, scissors, etc.). The outside of the sterilizer is cool to the touch, even when used all day. A supplied safety cover can be placed over the opening to conserve energy and reduce the heating/ramping rate.

  • Micro Bead Sterilizer, with glass beads, 115V Item# B1210
  • Micro Bead Sterilizer, TALL, with glass beads Item# B1202
  • Refill Glass Beads, 3mm, 1000g Item# B1201-Bead


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