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MyBlock Mini Dry Bath- by Path Supply


Size: 4.3
Weight: .
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Features & Benefits

-The MyBlock Mini has broad temperature ranges and can handle multiple block options.

-It is compact at only 4.3 inches wide.

-It is also portable. Attach the 12V adapter and the MyBlock Mini can be transported for use in the field.


MyBlock Mini Dry Bath is perfect for laboratory incubations. Touch pad controls and digital display allow you to set it up and handle other business.  Comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • MyBlock™ Mini Dry Bath, Item# BSH200
  • MyBlock™ Mini dry bath with cooling, Item# BSH300
  • Block, 15 x1.5ml centrifuge tubes Item# BSH100-15
  • Block, 24 x 0.5ml centrifuge tubes Item# BSH100-05
  • Block, 40 x 0.2ml tubes or 5 PCR strips of 8 tubes each Item# BSH100-02
  • Block, 4 x 15ml centrifuge tubes Item# BSH100-150
  • Block, 2 x 50ml centrifuge tubes Item# BSH100-500
  • Block, 15 x HPLC or Cryovial tubes Item# BSH100-1232
  • Block, 15 x 12-13mm tubes, 60mm tall, no lid Item# BSH100-1213
  • Block, for 8 cuvettes (12.5×12.5x32mm) Item# BSH100-CV
  • 12v vehicle power adapter Item# BSH100-A12


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