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Explosive Proof Freezers -by PathSupply


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Features & Benefits

All spark generating electrical components and connections (compressor, thermostat) are isolated and sealed in vapor-proof enclosures.

Electrical wiring is hardwired for additional safety measures.

Power cord is not included. Final power connections at site must be hardwired to meet local codes.

Not for use in general clinical or research laboratories.


Freezers that meet NFPA and OSHA requirements for storage of volatile and non-volatile materials in Hazardous Locations.

  • Explosive Proof Freezer, -17°C to -15°C, 4.5 cu.ft., Item# MV23-4UCXF
  • Explosive Proof Freezer, -18°C to -25°C, 14 Cu.Ft, Item# DHH20-14SDFX
  • Explosive Proof Freezer, -18°C to -25°C, 17 Cu.Ft, Item# DHH20-17SDFX
  • Explosive Proof Freezer, -18°C to -25°C, 20 Cu.Ft, Item# DHH20-20SDFX
  • Explosive Proof Freezer, -18°C to -25°C, 30 Cu.Ft, Item# DHH20-30SDFX
  • Explosive Proof Refrigerator/Freezer, 1°C to 10°C, -18°C to -25°C, 30 Cu.Ft, Item# DHH-30RFX

Compare to Thermo Scientific 20EFEETSV

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