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Platinum Laboratory Freezer-by PathSupply


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Features & Benefits

Each freezer comes standard with alarms for dry contact, hi/low temperature warnings, and power failure alerts.

User interface can be controlled with the touchscreen mounted on the freezer or through remote user controls.

Many platinum freezers come in stainless steel. Meets CDC requirements for vaccine storage.


Platinum Freezers come with touch screen user interfaces that allow control of alarms, temperatures, and data storage of specimens stored within.

  • Platinum Laboratory Freezer, -15°C to -30°C, 23 cu. ft. 1 solid door, Item# DHP30-23SDSS
  • Platinum Laboratory Freezer, -15°C to -30°C, 27 cu. ft. 1 solid door, DHP30-27SDSS
  • Platinum Laboratory Freezer, -15°C to -.30°C, 49 cu. ft. 2 solid doors, Item# DHP30-49SDSS
  •  Platinum Laboratory Freezer, -15°C to -30°C, 72 cu. ft. 3 solid doors, Item# DHP30-72SDSS

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