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Undercounter Freezers -by PathSupply


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Features & Benefits

-These units reduce temperature fluctuations by cooling samples quickly and using hi/low temperature alarms.

-These refrigerators and freezers have forced air ventilation through the front grille.

- Many models have auto defrost. Undercounter styles can be built into casework.



Made in the U.S.A, So-Low refrigerators and freezers are available in undercounter and benchtop styles.

  • Manual Defrost Undercounter Freezer, -20°C, 1.5 cu. ft. Item# MV20-1.5UCF
  • Manual Defrost Undercounter Freezer, -23°C to -17°C, 4.5 cu.ft. Item# MV23-4UCF
  • Undercounter Freezer, -25°C, 4.5 cu.ft., Item# MV25-4UCF
  • Undercounter Freezer, -30°C, 4.5 cu.ft., Manual defrost, Item# MV30-4UCF

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