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Vornado Mini Vortexer- by Path Supply


Size: 4 X 4"
Weight: .
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Features & Benefits

-The Vornado Mini Vortexer is less than 4x4 inches.

-A slight touch on the center cup head activates the Vornando Mini Vortexer. It operates at a fixed speed of 2800rpm and has a 4mm orbit. It can vortex samples up to full 50ml tubes.

-The unit is available with five different cup head colors. Speed: 2800 rpm Orbit: 4mm

-Motor Activation: Insta-Touch™ pressure activation


2 year warranty. Compare to Fisher Science Education™ Mini Vortex Mixer Item# 14-955-151, Oxford LP Benchmate Mini Vortex Mixer Item# VM-M, or Burrell Mini Vortex Mixer Item# 077-837-00-00.

  • Vornado™ miniature vortex mixer with purple cup head, Item# BV101-P
  • Vornado™ miniature vortexer, grey cup head, Item# BV101
  • Vornado™ miniature vortex mixer with red cup head, Item# BV101-R
  • Vornado™ miniature vortex mixer with blue cup head, Item# BV101-B
  • Vornado™ miniature vortex mixer with green cup head, Item# BV101-G

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