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MiniMixer 3D Nutating Shaker- by Path Supply


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Features & Benefits

-This shaker comes with an autoclavable dimpled mat.

-The platform configuration has 24% more work surface than traditional nutating mixers.

-The MiniMixer 3D Nutating Shakers has a maintenance free, brushless motor capable of loads up to 2kg and are safe for use in cold rooms and incubators.


The MiniMixer 3D Nutating Shaker provides a 3-dimensional “nutating” motion for foam-free mixing in blood and centrifuge tubes. Comes with a 2 yr warranty.

  • MiniMixer™ 3D Nutating Shaker, fixed speed 10″x7.5″ platform, dimpled mat, Item# B3D1020
  • Stacking platform, small 10.5″x7.5″ with dimpled mat (3.0″ separation) Item# B3D-Stack-D
  • Flat Mat, small 10.5″ x 7.5″ Item# B3D-Flat
  • LaBungee™ 4 cord bungee cord pack 7″ to 18″ working size Item# B0718

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