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Incu-Shaker™ Mini-by Path Supply


Size: 11" x 16.2" x 13"
Weight: 25lbs.
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Features & Benefits

-The Incu-Shaker™ Mini has a small footprint, but a large 11.5 x 9.5 in. workspace.

-The Incu-Shaker™ Mini accepts a variety of platforms, flasks, tubes and other common vessels. The included platform has a non-slip, rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, petri dishes and staining trays.

-The MAGic Clamp™ (PATENTED) platform is also available to use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks.

- The magnetic attachment method is an easy way to change between flask clamps of different sizes.

-The Incu-Shaker™ Mini has a horizontally circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixing.

-Speeds range from 30 to 300 rpm. Operating temperature range is +4 to +65°C.


Comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Incu-Shaker™ Mini Item# H1000-M
  • MAGic Clamp™ universal platform for flasks & tube racks (11×9.5in) Item# H1000-MR
  • Universal Spring Platform Item# H1000-P-SP
  • Dedicated Platform, holds 4 standard micro plates Item# H1000-P-MP
  • Dedicated Platform, 12 x 125ml Erlenmeyer flasks Item# H1000-P-125
  • Dedicated Platform, 8 x 250ml Erlenmeyer flasks Item# H1000-P-250
  • Dedicated Platform, 5 x 500ml Erlenmeyer flasks Item# H1000-P-500
  • MAGic Clamp™ COMBO, for 125ml, 250ml, 500ml flasks Item# H1000-MR-CMB
  • MAGic Clamp™ magnetic clamp, 50ml Erlenmeyer (max. 20) Item# H1000-MR-50
  • MAGic Clamp™ magnetic clamp, 125ml Erlenmeyer (max. 12) Item# H1000-MR-125
  • MAGic Clamp™ magnetic clamp, 250ml Erlenmeyer (max. 8) Item# H1000-MR-250
  • MAGic Clamp™ magnetic clamp, 500ml Erlenmeyer (max. 6) Item# H1000-MR-500
  • MAGic Clamp™ magnetic clamp, 1000ml Erlenmeyer (max. 4) Item# H1000-MR-1000
  • MAGic Clamp™ magnetic clamp, one microplate (max. 4) Item# H1000-MR-MP
  • MAGic Clamp™ Tube Rack, 30x15ml &20x50ml tubes (max. 1) Item# H1000-MR-1550
  • MAGic Clamp™ Tube Rack, 32x15ml, tubes (max.2) Item# H1000-MR-T15
  • MAGic Clamp™ Tube Rack, 15x50ml, tubes (max. 2) Item# H1000-MR-T50
  • MAGic Clamp™ Tube Rack, 4x500ml or 600ml conical bottles (max. 1) Item# H1000-MR-T600
  • MAGic Clamp™ tilted holder for 15mL and 50mL tube racks (max 2) Item# H1000-MR-TSR



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